Services we offer

For business and community clients, the Scribe brings skills in word selection, grammar, sentence construction and report sequencing to give a professional finish to your funding application, submission, report or other document. In addition, The Scribe checks that documents conform to all guidelines that may be part of the application procedure.

For authors, editing and proof reading of fiction and non-fiction manuscripts.

The overall objective is to present the thoughts in our client’s draft document (or verbal briefing) in a way most likely to be favourably viewed by the ultimate decision maker at the end of the process.

Too often, the thoughts behind a document are sound but the proposal is undermined by inadequate attention to the expression of those thoughts in the project proposal document.

It is not the aim of the Scribe to make suggestions for review of a client’s conclusions. Rather it is to enhance and strengthen the presentation of the case supporting the conclusion.

Precision and the Written Word

Verbal communication, to an individual, a group or a convention hall full of delegates, is usually accompanied by facial expressions, body language, hand gestures and verbal emphasis. These give support to the points being made and clarify the meaning of the message.

However these aids to understanding are not available to written communication. All documents need to be quite precise if the points of the message are to be understood by the receiver in exactly the way intended by the author.

The Scribe strives at all times for clarity of both written and verbal communications. In general, he favours a ‘less is more’ approach. More words do not guarantee greater understanding.

How it Works

Draft documents to be reviewed are sent to the Scribe as email attachments. He forwards a quotation for the work to be done. Once this is agreed, the Scribe, or Senior Associate as appropriate, suggests amendments which are included using Track Change and returned. Our client can readily compare the amended version with the original.

Documents could include book manuscripts, newsletters, grant applications and other submissions to government agencies, business reports, marketing material, statements of capability and curricula vitae to be given to potential clients, product manuals etc.


The original version of the document or book to be reviewed or edited and any subsequent amendments are to be considered as strictly confidential by both The Scribe on the Coast and by our client.

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