While the exciting world of editing may hold you in thrall, the chances are that it does not.

To lighten the tone and encourage visitors to this website, I have created a blog which I wanted to call, quite amusingly, I thought, Political Correctness, Puns and Other Funny Bits (PCPOFBs for short). It has been pointed out to me that while I described the name and abbreviation as short they were, in fact, rather long. So, as a compromise, I have decided to call it Short Stuff. This has added piquancy as I myself am somewhat vertically challenged.

The blog addresses public utterances relating to the appropriateness of word selection, clarity of expression, the use and accuracy of politically correct terms, misspelling, poor grammar, ambiguity, botched cliches, punctuation etc. All grist to the mill for The Scribe on the Coast.

Most of my examples will be from Australia because that is where I live. But contributions from anywhere that English is spoken and written will be welcome.

The usual conditions will apply; crediting of the source, time of publication if known, no obscenity unless it is in the very best of taste, nothing that might involve me in interactions with the authorities or the courts. Serious contributions are not encouraged. Final decisions about inclusion and content rest with the editor (me).

Standards please

In the Sydney Morning Herald on July 2nd, 2017, there appeared a thoughtful and mostly well-written piece by Elizabeth Farrelly on how democracy is devolving into mob rule. The section on university education bemoans the loss of power of academics to set learning...

Is there a tautology lurking in there?

‘… the very qualities that made him a hero to some made him a villain to others, and vice versa’ I think that the ‘vice versa’ merely restates what has just been said. Source: Barney Zwarts in an article about Cardinal George Pell, News Review, Sydney Morning Herald,...

Lies, damn lies and, well, who cares?

Handscombe is just the third Australian to face 200 or more balls in the fourth innings of a test this decade. Source: Peter Lalor, Cricket Tragic, in his article ‘Gritty draw sets up decider’ in The Australian, March 21st, 2017

Two words?

'So to all my peers in this place and those from the past, I have two words for you: I'm back – but not alone'. A quote from newly elected Australian senator and leader of the populist One Nation party, Pauline Hanson, making her maiden speech to the Australian Senate...